Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bring on the madness...

...of baseball/softball season for all THREE Turner kids. :)
Talin & Remingtin started practices this week. (Jaedin practices year round.)
To say they are excited is an understatement. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Softball Tournament

Jaedin and her team, Fury, played in their first tournament of the season. It was FREEZING! Extremely cold. Brrrr! The kids and I tried to bundle up, we even used hand warmers. Fury went 1-4 for the weekend but they learned a lot and still had some fun.

Ready to cheer on our #10!

Talin with his buddy, Jacson.

Jaedin with three classmates. 

This girl does gymnastics EVERYWHERE!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Are we excited?!?

You better believe it! We love softball season!
Check out the new banner for Jaedin's softball team, Fury!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kansas State Assessments...and so they begin...

I will not get on my soapbox and talk about my true feelings on state assessments...nor will I delight you with my opinion on our current governor, Mr. Sam Brownback, but I will tell you how proud I am of these students for spending multiple class periods (like 8 weeks) on state assessments. They are the true rockstars...I'm just lucky to be their teacher.

I couldn't pick just one of these...so I'll leave you with a couple of funnies. :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break 2015

On major perk of being a teacher...spring break! :) This year, we surprised the kids at Christmas with a spring break trip to Granby, Colorado. They have been counting the weeks, days, hours, & minutes until we could finally leave on our spring break adventure.

Granby, Colorado ~ March 2015

{Friday, 3.13.15} When we found out our BLHS boys basketball team would be playing in the state tournament in Salina, we knew we had to leave early and support the Bobcats. Even more fun, BLHS was playing against Ottawa where their cousin, Tyler, plays on the varsity basketball team so we got to see family too!

Let the road trip begin!!!

Kids thought it was pretty cool to see dad's sign at the ballgame. 

Sweet cousins

We even made time for Talin's favorite restaurant, Carlos O'Kelly's! :)

{Saturday, 3.14.15}After a short night in Russell, KS, we met up for brunch with the Guffey family and continued our trek to the mountains. The kids were troopers in the car. They were so excited that no one slept but instead kept occupied with electronics and good books.

Hearing the kids see the mountains for the first time (that they remember) made the trip worth every single penny! So special!

We arrived at our new home in Granby late afternoon on Saturday. We explored our new surroundings while we waited for the Kelly family to arrive. We had a lot of fun sharing a home with friends for a week.
View from our deck

The girls had fun bunking up again.

Game room with a view!

Silly kids...could not stay out of the hot tub!

{Sunday, 3.15.15} The kids went to a 1/2 day of ski school on Sunday afternoon to get them started. The weather was amazing! They bundled all up in their new snow gear but were soon wearing short sleeves in the snow.  That evening, our big group (3 families) headed out to dinner at Strip & Tail. Deliciously fun!

Turner & Guffey kids ready for ski/snowboard school




All 13 of us at dinner :)

{Monday, 3.16.15} First full day on the snow! The kids headed to ski school and the parents headed to the slopes. We had a fun BBQ at our house that night. The weather was amazing all week!

A little relaxing before dinner.

Playing in the yard.

Memories are made around the table. Yep!

{Tuesday, 3.17.15} Happy St. Patrick's Day! After we snapped a few photos and dropped the kids off at ski school for the day, we headed to Granby ER. Eric hadn't been feeling good the entire trip thus far and had finally agreed to get checked out. He left with Pneumonia and a lot of meds! :(  He was a trooper though and fought hard to hang with the rest of us.

St. Patrick's Day 2015

All greened out!

Ready to ski!

Jaedin...all smiles

Talin...ready to go!

Remingtin...pure silliness

Eric just wanted to ski!

St. Paddy's Day...Granby-style

Crazy girls

Adult dinner at Tabernash Tavern :)

S'mores for the kids

{Wednesday, 3.18.15} Mom's day to take the kids to Granby Ranch so dad could rest. Talin went off skiing with the Kelly family so I could hang with my snowboarders. They all did amazing! I can't believe how fast they picked it up and how much confidence they have. Granby is a wonderful place to start out with kids!

My cute crew

Jaedin snowboarding

Talin skiing

Remi snowboarding

Taking a snack break with my girls

Turner snowboarders 

Remi loved riding the lift by herself...made me a nervous wreck!

Here comes Talin

Selfie on the way home to check on dad

Kids...all plugged in after a day on the mountain

{Thursday, 3.19.15} We took today off from the slopes and the momma's headed to Devil's Thumb Ranch for a spa day.  Oh my...the best facial of my life! The massage was pretty amazing too. :) Later that afternoon, we took the kids out for some exploring. We headed to Rocky Mountain National Park to search for some wildlife. Talin really wanted to "poke a bear" on this trip. Lucky for the bears, they were still hibernating.

Happy wife, happy life 


{Friday, 3.20.15} Our last full day in Granby...we headed back to the slopes. Eric really wanted to ski with his kids on this trip! The weather was perfect and the lines weren't long. Perfect ending! After we got all our equipment returned, we headed out for some souvenir shopping while the dad's made us a delicious pasta dinner.

Turner & Kelly kids in front of our Granby home

Last day :)

Eric with his crew





Mountain selfie

Too cool for ski school

Shopping with my girlie ~ Winter Park

{Saturday, 3.21.15} We were packed up and Kansas-bond before the sun came up! What a beautiful drive through the mountains. We are ready to be home~sweet~home. :)

Welcome Home

Sweet traveling kiddos

{Sunday, 3.22.15} So...Talin had a cold most of the trip and Remingtin had a couple of random fevers throughout the trip. They both left Colorado with a cough so I decided to take them to Prompt Care to get checked out before we all headed back to school on Monday. Thank goodness! They both had chest x-rays that showed pneumonia. What?!?! Poor kiddos! Such troopers they are. Fingers crossed we are all on the road to recovery and no more illness will visit us anytime soon.
Still smiling :)

Next spring break...we are headed to the beach!!!