Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Fun

I LOVE Aprils Fools Day so I was a little disappointed in myself for not having a funny prank ready when the kids got up this morning. It's okay though....I got them pretty good after school. They, in turn, got their daddy when he got home from work. So fun!

Prank #1 -
Tape all the light switches so they won't turn on. Jaedin was definitely perplexed by this one!

Prank #2 -
Remove batteries from the remote. Talin tried and tried to get the TV to turn on! (I hid the batteries.)

Prank #3 -
Offer up a plate of Brownies (Brown E's). Remi didn't think this was very funny as she wasn't feeling well.

Prank #4 -
Hang a "Broken Door" sign to trick husband. Said husband had to walk around house to get inside.

Hope you had a FUN Aprils Fools Day too!